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Audio Interrupter Products


Allow a CB, HAM, VHF/UHF or other audio transmission to be heard through the factory or aftermarket stereo speakers in vehicles/boats/motorcycles.

An Effective audio-activated speaker switching and stereo  mute device allows seamless and fully automatic interaction between the vehicle stereo speakers and a scanner or other radio receiving device equipped with a 1/8” (3.5mm) speaker output jack such as on a GPS, CB, FRS, GMRS, VHF, UHF, Ham Radio or Radar Detector.

How They Work: When audio is present (volume, set at a pleasant listening level) on a 2 way-radio, the stereo output automatically mutes while the front speakers switch to 2 way radio voice, thus acting as a high-quality external speakers. All other speakers remain mute. The front speakers remain switched and radio mutes for three seconds after the last voice message is received, then automatically returns back to normal stereo play.

These Products work with Boats, Peoplenet Fleet Management Systems, RV's, Off-Road Vehicles, Big Rigs, Factory Vehicles, and Farm Vehicles such as John Deere, Heavy-Duty Construction Vehicles, Business Band and Motorcycles.

Price Range from $39.95 to $139.95 is cost effective and about the same price as a good quality external mount speaker box, but without the concern of size, mount location and sound quality, and with nineteen products to choose from. Made in the USA. Factory vehicle speakers are designed for the acoustics of the vehicle and are usually rated at 20 watts or greater making a world of difference as to how well you hear.



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