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Audio Interrupt

The Audio Interrupt Products allow a CB or HAM or VHF/UHF transmission to be heard through the factory or aftermarket vehicle/boat stereo speakers

Also for GPS, Radar Detectors and Scanners


Examples with Two Products:

Ham RadioJeep JKINF


Connect Ham Radio to

CBM-JKINF for the Jeep JK with Infinity/Alpine System



VHFU4Marine Radio


Connect Marine Radio to

VHF-U4 for boats



These Products Work With Boats, PeopleNet Fleet Management Systems, RV's, Offroad Vehicles, Big Rigs, Factory Vehicles, Farm Vehicles such as John Deere, Heavy-Duty Construction Vehicles and Motorcycles.


Not for Cellular Phones.
No modification to your Two-Way Radio or Vehicle is needed.

email info@audiointerrupt.com

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